AAP celebrates 100 years

September 2nd, 2014

Dentists have learned many things through school in addition to the practice they've gained using dental academic software. Even so, they must always continue to research and keep up with new dental trends. As such, 2014 might be the perfect year to attend the American Academy of Periodontology's 100th annual meeting Sept. 19 through 22 In San Francisco, California.

There will be a symposium on Sept. 20 with several presentations about recent trends in periodontology. For example, "Dental Implants and Maintenance for the Dental Hygienist" is the title of one study. This would be perfect for an oral care professional who wants to sharpen his or her skills when it comes to dealing with dental prosthetics, along with getting diagnosis and maintenance advice.

There will also be a presentation on periodontal microsurgery and endoscopy, which will demonstrate a new way to heal patients with minimally invasive treatment options that had not been available for the oral cavity in the past. This would be a great way for dentists to learn more about an exciting new development in dental surgery.

Dentistry IQ also reported on the AAP's 100th annual meeting, marking the group as a hundred-year organization.

"This year's meeting has so much to offer to the dental community, including any dental patient or potential patient," said Dr. Stuart Froum, president of the AAP. "The 100th Anniversary meeting will offer a comprehensive look back at how far periodontics has come, while comprehensively addressing the changing dynamic of the specialty and its effect on patient outcomes, their overall health, and on global health care."

Other presentations that will not be at the Saturday symposium include a talk about treating patients with diabetes, along with a study of periodontal medicine's developments around the world.

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