Academic dental practices eligible to receive federal incentive payments

January 30th, 2014

Implementing dental academic software helps oral health facilities qualify for federal benefits. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers incentive payments for health care practices when they implement electronic medical records. Many dentists are still not aware that they can also benefit from these payments when they achieve meaningful use with dental software.

According to EHR Intelligence, oral health practices have been left out of the discussion of EMRs. As a result, many dentists may not be aware they can sign up for incentive programs.

"The dental community and for the most part the specialist community have been second-class citizens almost in this whole meaningful use adoption because all the focus was at the primary care level," said Fred Zolla, CEO and president of iMedicor, a health data exchange, in an interview with the website.

Now there is a whole market that is slow to catch up, Zolla added.

Many practices and academic clinics could benefit greatly from the federal incentive payments. It's time for dental care facilities to get on board with digital initiatives.

Tips for implementing dental academic software
In Dentistry IQ, Mike Uretz, an EHR expert, said it's important to consider the entire staff when transitioning to electronic dental records. According to Uretz, the success of an implementation often depends on a team-based approach. Since everyone will be using the new system, it is unwise to go ahead without consulting as many staff members as possible.

Every employee will use the system differently depending on his or her job function. Dentists and hygienists will use different functions than receptionists. It will be necessary to assess the dental software from each perspective. Does the system perform optimally no matter who is using it?

Some individuals will be resistant to change. However, the benefits of a digital system should outweigh any difficulties in the implementation process.

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