Access Medicaid incentives with dental enterprise software

October 9th, 2013

Clinics that work closely with Medicaid patients can use dental enterprise software to receive significant amounts of funding from federal electronic health record incentive programs.

Oral care professionals will likely see a major increase in the number of patients they see in the coming years if current initiatives to expand health insurance coverage are successful. According to Al Jazeera America, much of the focus on the recent nationwide implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will focus on expanding Medicaid coverage to more U.S. citizens on a state-by-state basis. Between the growth of individuals on public and private insurance programs, the source said 94 percent of people in the country could end up having some form of health coverage by the time the legislation is fully implemented.

Among children and low-income households, access to insurance is also expanding at a rapid pace. A recent report published by The Urban Institute, a think tank focused on analyzing current socioeconomic issues in the U.S., found the total enrollment rates for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program have grown by 5.5 percent over the last half decade. The study expected those numbers to continue growing for the next several years.

Dental clinics that specialize in providing care for these specific demographic groups face a variety of challenges as more U.S. citizens obtain access to quality medical insurance. Without high-quality software systems, many of these institutions already struggle to organize and store patient records and information. As a result, an influx of activity may result in reduced clinical output and ineffective care.

Increasing operational efficiency
Today's oral hygiene professionals must rely on dental enterprise software to keep up with a changing health care industry. Doing so comes with several benefits. For example, the federal government offers a Medicaid EHR Incentive Program that rewards clinics with substantial amounts of cash for implementing electronic software systems into their existing operations. Health care providers can use this cash to further enhance the overall quality of the patient experience.

Dental software also enhances organization at clinics that are experiencing an increase in the amount of patients they see on a daily basis. Dynamic appointment scheduling technology can eliminate excessive wait times and ultimately allow some of the nation's most vulnerable citizens to access the proper dental care necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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