Administrative tasks become easier with dental school software

January 15th, 2014

The benefits of dental school software on university-run clinical operations are clear. By integrating the same interface used for academic management with patient-based care procedures, these institutions can eliminate overhead costs and substantially expand productivity.

According to a recent article published in the Visalia Times-Delta, a newspaper based in Visalia, Calif., smaller health clinics are already standing out among hospitals and other larger organizations in terms of efficiency. The newspaper said this is because hospitals typically devote more of their resources to emergency rooms and other essential services. On the other hand, clinics often have a more limited focus, making it easier to deliver quality care at a more affordable price. Academic institutions can further reinforce their niche role in the community by investing in dental software to boost these operations.

"A clinic can do the same thing with greater customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost," Shawn Bolouki, CEO of a nearby Tulare Regional clinic, told the newspaper.

However, efficiency isn't the only benefit of advanced technology. A comprehensive enterprise management interface can make it easier for administrators to organize human resources information as well. As is the case in any other business, the online publishing network DentistryIQ said dental institutions frequently have to deal with shift scheduling and compensation issues for their employees. Each organization typically has its own unique employment policies. The right dental school software tools will fit seamlessly into the firm's existing framework.  Rather than manually keeping track of this information or using an entirely different software program, universities can effectively manage all of these responsibilities without compromising productivity or placing a strain on available resources. This will ultimately enable employees to focus more on offering a valuable service to both students and patients. 

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