Designed for maximum efficiency and functionality. axiUm’s powerful clinical modules makes managing treatment and clinical operations easy and straight forward.

Treatment Planning

Designed from the ground up by clinicians working with software user interface experts, the new axiUm Treatment Planning Module is the best system for clinicians to diagnose and track problems and to create comprehensive and appropriate treatment plans with options to present to patients.

Lab Tracking

Using axiUm’s Lab Tracking module, dental institutions can monitor and track nearly every aspect of lab orders being sent to both internal and external labs. From writing the lab work requirements through to sending the orders out and associating dollar values to the order, detailed information is stored within this module.


The EHR is the electronic equivalent of the patient’s chart, allowing for all clinical information, including treatments and forms, to be stored in one paperless database. Customizable for each institution and user, the EHR can be set up using axiUm’s robust security features to limit what information any user level can see or have access to. Adjustments that are made in the EHR are time, date, and user stamped, allowing for an audit trail throughout axiUm.


Designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, the ‘Perio’ module can be set up to allow for as many possible charting methods as defined by the dental institution.

Chart Tracking

With axiUm’s ‘Chart Tracker’, managing the location of paper charts is simple. The ‘Chart Tracker’ module allows for electronic monitoring of a chart’s physical whereabouts, helping staff locate this information within the clinic whenever required.


axiUm’s Orthodontics module allows dental institutions to keep track of all clinical orthodontic information in the axiUm system with access to a unique configuration of orthodontic-specific tools including orthodontic letter templates, billing procedures, and scheduling processes.

Patient Management

With axiUm, effective Preventative Care becomes easily attainable with our ‘Overdue Patients’, ‘Patient Assignment’ and ‘Patient Care’ modules.

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