With axiUm’s ‘Chart Tracker’, managing the location of paper charts is simple. The ‘Chart Tracker’ module allows for electronic monitoring of a chart’s physical whereabouts, helping staff locate this information within the clinic whenever required.

Manage the location of patients’ charts with axiUm’s ‘Chart Tracker’ module.

Utilizing bar code technology, the ‘Chart Tracker’ monitors the physical location of paper charts within multiple clinics and chart rooms. The location of each patient’s chart is stored, along with a history of the chart’s location, the name of the person who had the chart, and the date and reason, if applicable. This capability is especially useful in larger institutions, where a chart could potentially be on a number of different floors and with a different group of providers during any given day.

Feature Benefits

Promote accountability within the institution

With the ability to track not only the chart’s location but also information such as the user who last signed out the chart and when, axiUm’s ‘Chart Tracker’ holds users accountable for the charts they pull, helping to ensure this patient documentation is returned and stored safely when no longer in use.

Locate charts quicker than ever before

With axiUm’s ‘Chart Tracker’ module, users can easily bring up the last logged location of a patient’s chart to assist them in finding their patients’ documentation, saving them valuable time in preparing for appointments and procedures.

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