Using axiUm’s Lab Tracking module, dental institutions can monitor and track nearly every aspect of lab orders being sent to both internal and external labs. From writing the lab work requirements through to sending the orders out and associating dollar values to the order, detailed information is stored within this module.

Manage all details of lab orders with axiUm’s Lab Tracking module.

With the Lab Tracking module, users are able to create lab orders through axiUm’s EPR forms. Based on the treatment, the module will automatically populate certain fields as specified by the institution, allowing the user to efficiently complete and remit orders to either the institution’s internal lab, or external ones.

Lab Tracking will then integrate with axiUm’s Scheduler, making note of when the lab is due to be returned and keeping track of the current status of the order. To ensure lab work is completed before the patient’s next visit, alerts work to prevent users from scheduling appointments prior to lab completion dates.

To give users a concise view of lab orders, the module allows all lab information to be viewed in a single location. Full order history – including any re-dos or remakes – is tracked within the Lab Tracking module, as well as any lab fees, labour and material costs. Providers are also able to track their own lab orders within their Personal Planners within axiUm, giving users quick and easy access to any lab work they are responsible for.

Feature Benefits

Be prepared for procedures

The Lab Tracking module confirms that all labs are completed before appointments take place and will alert schedulers if appointments are booked prematurely, helping to ensure providers have the results they need before the patient is seen.

Monitor lab costs efficiently

Using the Lab Tracking module, users may view all associated costs for labs, using this information to determine whether the institution’s lab fees are substantial enough to cover these costs.

Provide up-to-date information for all parties

Because all information is stored and updated within the axiUm database, all users involved in the lab process – from internal lab technicians to front-end staff – can have access to the current status of the lab order, keeping all parties apprised of when lab work may be completed.

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