axiUm’s Orthodontics module allows dental institutions to keep track of all clinical orthodontic information in the axiUm system with access to a unique configuration of orthodontic-specific tools including orthodontic letter templates, billing procedures, and scheduling processes.

Maintain both dental and orthodontic information in one robust system using the axiUm Orthodontics module.

With the option of either entering information at chair side or post-appointment, the Orthodontics module allows the orthodontics department to enter key clinical information in a multi-tab system. This module allows patient problems, key clinical findings and results of treatment to be compared and analyzed before, during and after active treatment. Appointments are then scheduled to progress in terms of sets and stages by default, tracking the types of appointments both completed and upcoming.

Customized controls can be set for each phase of treatment to enforce appropriate criteria for appointments as required by the institution. For example, the module will honor faculty/student/patient relationships to ensure the same group progresses with orthodontic treatments. The module can also monitor which stages of treatment a provider’s patients are in, helping to ensure the provider is treating patients within a variety of stages rather than all in retention, for instance.

Within the Orthodontics module, providers also have access to unique orthodontic scheduling and billing systems customized to the needs of the orthodontic discipline. The Orthodontics module also comes equipped with customizable orthodontic letters, and integrates seamlessly with Dolphin Imaging®, preventing the need to toggle between numerous systems during appointments.

Feature Benefits

Manage orthodontic operations in the robust axiUm system

With the Orthodontics module, dental institutions are able to maintain all patient information within one secured database. With full access to the axiUm system, users can easily toggle between different applications if needed, easily completing tasks such as setting up appointments within one comprehensive system.

Easily find available appointment times

Based on the institution’s specifications, the Orthodontics module can establish faculty-student-patient relationships. These relationships are then considered during booking, ensuring proposed appointment times happen only during the group’s defined availability and assisting users in quickly finding ideal appointment times.

Orthodontic Letters

The Orthodontics module creates efficieny by giving quick access to template orthodontic letters for patients and insurance carriers based on the proposed procedures and requests of the dental provider. These letters may be customized beforehand by the institution, and may also be adjusted at chair-side for efficient remittance to patients.

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