Designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, the 'Perio' module can be set up to allow for as many possible charting methods as defined by the dental institution.

The ‘Perio’ module is the electronic version of a patient’s periodontal chart within axiUm.

The periodontal statistics that are included can be customized and automatically calculated in the perio forms area, and users have the option of either manually entering data into the ‘Perio’ module, or using third party voice recognition software for efficient data entry.

To better monitor patient health, axiUm also allows for perio comparison forms to be easily brought up based on condition and date range. Institutions will find this a valuable tool in the operatory, as it can give both the user and patient a visual depiction of their dental condition and any areas that may need improvement.

Feature Benefits

Help make the transition towards paperless operations

With the ability to enter and store periodontal information electronically, users are encouraged to maintain electronic health files and to move away from dependence on paper-based storage.

Make efficient use of chair-side staff time

axiUm’s ‘Perio’ module allows for quick data entry when examining different periodontal conditions, allowing providers to spend more quality time with their patients rather than focusing on recording clinical information.

Offer patients a visual depiction of their dental health

With the ‘Perio’ module’s customizable color-coding, providers are able to present their patients with a visual representation of their dental conditions. Comparisons can also be brought up to help communicate to patients where conditions have improved and/or to highlight which areas require attention.

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