With axiUm, effective Preventative Care becomes easily attainable with our 'Overdue Patients', 'Patient Assignment' and 'Patient Care' modules.

Patient Management

Utilizing axiUm’s extensive built-in modules, monitoring patient care within the dental institution is no longer a daunting task. The modules listed below are great supplemental tools for indicating which patients need attention, and ensuring the attention they receive matches the efficiency standards of the dental institution:

Overdue Patients

The Overdue Patients module is a great tool for tracking the efficiency of services provided by the students.

Overdue Conditions

Overdue conditions are defined functions which are completely customizable to the dental institution’s requirements. When an overdue condition occurs, an internal message can be sent to the provider, patient manager, group manager, faculty and any other user within axiUm to indicate the overdue condition and associated patient. Additionally, the overdue condition will be visible to the assignment clerk when assigning providers to patients.

Patient Care

The Patient Care module provides a centralized area to access and view all activity on the patient’s record. This module provides a detailed activity list and custom reports to show information the institution would like a dental student to see.

Patient Assignments

The Patient Assignments module looks at both the students’ requirements to graduate and the patients’ needs based on the screening appointment (i.e. provider that needs to complete a crown can be matched with a patient that needs a crown).

Providers can be assigned to a patient that best meets the majority of their requirements, with access to the provider’s case load just a click away. As well, information on class averages for this type of patient/procedure and information on the timeliness of care provided by the providers for their other patients will assist an assignment manager in making appropriate assignments of patients to providers.

Feature Benefits

Offer monitored care for patients

By being alerted as to which patients require care and with access to complete records of patients’ dental history within the institution, axiUm’s ‘Overdue Patients’ and ‘Patient Care’ modules can help dental institutions stay on top of the oral health of their patients. Providers are able to monitor dental health records closely, and are given insight when helping to plan the patients’ future appointments and procedures.

Efficiently match providers to patients

With axiUm’s ‘Patient Assignments’ module, users have the opportunity to quickly match providers – especially student providers – with patients requiring treatments that providers must complete to meet credential requirements. These mutual matches can be in the best interest of both parties and can often be found at the click of a mouse.

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