Designed from the ground up by clinicians working with software user interface experts, the new axiUm Treatment Planning Module is the best system for clinicians to diagnose and track problems and to create comprehensive and appropriate treatment plans with options to present to patients.

Assist with Evidence Based Dentistry

Leverage your Data

By using the common diagnostic codes, your organization can use the axiUm Treatment Planning module to feed data for research to support evidence based dentistry. Your providers can be confident that they are giving accurate treatment success rates to patients for their specific diagnoses.

COHRI Dental Diagnostic System (DDS) Support

The axiUm Treatment Planning module supports the Consortium for Oral Health Research and Informatics’ DDS system. Already adopted by a wide range of large organizations and universities, these standardized DDS allow for the aggregation of massive amounts of diagnosis-to-treatment success rate data to assist in extremely accurate evidence based dentistry.

Increase Patient Care

Create the best option for the patient

The axiUm Treatment Planning Module acts as a worksheet to give providers the ability to create multiple treatment plans. These treatment plan options are ready to be presented and explained to the patient including the financial costs associated with each option. By allowing the patient to become educated and informed, the patient can then select the best course of treatment fit for their specific needs.

Assists Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

The axiUm Treatment Planning module can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a problem. With advanced diagnosis support, the axiUm Treatment Planning module supports ‘Diagnostic Synonyms’ which assists providers to select the appropriate diagnosis code by suggesting ‘Like Terms’ for an entered symptom. Additionally, by leveraging data gathered from your organization, the axiUm Treatment Planning module can suggest treatments for the selected diagnoses.

Audits for Treatment Planning

Possible treatment plan options are tracked in every stage with the Treatment Planning module. The system tracks the status of every option of the treatment plan and includes plans that are rejected. These can then be referred to for future reference or if the patient has a query about their past treatment plans.

Designed for Clinicians By Clinicians

Successful by Design

The axiUm Treatment Planning module was designed with the collaboration of multiple dental schools, researchers, clinicians and computer software experts. Their collective input made the axiUm Treatment Planning Module’s interface and abilities fit the needs of clinicians.

Efficiency Built in

The Treatment Planning module’s interface is easy to use and efficient. With smart data entry features like Diagnostic Code synonyms to bring up similar terms, partial word matching to quickly find the appropriate diagnosis and treatment guidance to suggest treatments based on diagnoses, the axiUm Treatment Planning module allows for providers to quickly and accurately create the best options for the patient.


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