axiUm's 'Information Manager' allows for custom reports to be made effortlessly. While there are more than 250 standard reports included with axiUm, we could not foresee all of the reports that each institution would require. To enable staff to create their own reports within axiUm, the ‘Information Manager’ has been included to allow custom queries to be effortlessly designed by the user

The ‘Information Manager’ can return results on any field in any table in the entire database based on limitless user-defined search criteria. Users from front-end staff to dentists will find this module useful in consolidating data on matters such as accounts receivable, appointment history, and faculty/provider responsibilities.

Reports created by the dental institution in third party tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office and Oracle Forms can be also accessed through the axiUm ‘Information Manager’ custom tab, thereby keeping all reporting in a centralized location with access security in place.

Feature Benefits

Generate informative reports

With axiUm’s ‘Information Manager’, users can create customized reports as they see fit at any point in time, giving the institution a consolidated look at the specific information they require.

Use and create template reports

axiUm’s ‘Information Manager’ allows new filters and report forms to be saved within axiUm, allowing users to easily generate and re-generate custom reports whenever needed.

Keep electronic files organized

With the ability to store both axiUm reports and reports from third party programs, the database ensures the institution’s information is stored in a centralized and easy to access location.

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