The 'Transactions' module is axiUm's computerized central billing system. The process of dealing with complicated transactions is made simple and straightforward with axiUm’s ‘Transactions’ module. This module brings axiUm full circle, linking patient financial records with axiUm's health records.

axiUm’s ‘Transactions’ module enables easy creation and maintenance of patient financial records. Complete patient ledgers of all account history can be displayed and printed, including aged accounts receivables. The system doesn’t impose limits on fee schedules that can be created, stored and easily updated. In addition, axiUm will automatically handle insurance pre-determination and coordination of benefits when a patient has more than one insurance carrier. There is also an allowance for special billing arrangements with insurance companies.

The entry of post-dated payments and bulk payments is done with ease, and automated allocation of payments creates efficiencies for front-end staff. Most importantly, financial integrity will not be lost in axiUm as a full audit trail of all transaction modifications is kept, including the name of the user who made the alteration.

Collection letters, patient statements, receipts, estimates and ledger printouts are available at the click of a button, while insurance claim forms can be printed for billing or pre-authorization purposes. Users also have the ability to attach notes and reminders to individual transactions to ensure staff are kept informed.

Feature Benefits

Maintain a full audit trail

axiUm makes it easy to track all transaction history within the system as each entry or adjustment made by users is time and date stamped, including a record of the user making the change.

Create efficiencies for administration

With automation capabilities, the ‘Transactions’ module allows front-end staff to quickly and efficiently carry out tasks such as allocating insurance payments from bulk checks, creating multiple payment plans, and updating insurance policies for groups of patients all at once.

Doesn’t impose limits on patients fee schedules or insurance carrier processing.

axiUm doesn’t impose limits on the number of insurance providers per patient. In addition, depending on the specifications of the dental institution, patients may have the option of making payments according to countless customized fee schedules, ensuring the billing process is as flexible as possible.

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