Extend axiUm’s capabilities over the web. axiUm’s online modules allows for the distribution of axiUm’s functionality to providers, faculty, students and patients over the internet.


axiUm’s PatientAccess is an online module that allows patients to connect to axiUm through the Internet and is part of the axiUm HealthAccess suite of products. With axiUm PatientAccess, patients can update EPR (Electronic Patient Record) forms, verify personal information and demographics, view past appointments, confirm future appointments and review medical information all via the Internet from the comfort of their own home.


Part of the HealthAccess suite of products, axiUm FacultyAccess is a web-based application for use on a portable tablet device that allows instructors and faculty members to access student lists, view, approve & evaluate student procedures, and send and receive messages while they’re on the go on the clinic floor.

axiUm eRx

axiUm eRx streamlines the prescription process by combining the searching, documenting and writing out of prescriptions of non controlled substances into one simple automated procedure.


EasyMarkit is an intelligent patient notification system, allowing two-way communication with patients via email and text messaging.

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