EasyMarkit is an intelligent patient notification system, allowing two-way communication with patients via email and text messaging.

EasyMarkit is the best way to manage patient communication throughout multiple clinics within your institution’s axiUm software. With EasyMarkit’s customized patient notification system, your institution can ensure that patients are getting the information for their appointments when they need it, while increasing your bottom line. Furthermore, EasyMarkit will allow your patients to give you feedback through its automated quality improvement surveys making sure that efficiency and patient care are increased throughout your institution.

With two-way integration with axiUm software, EasyMarkit is a valuable digital marketing and appointment confirmation application. Dental institutions can use EasyMarkit to manage their digital presence through popular social media channels, allowing for 24/7 communication with patients for appointment reminders, follow-ups, surveys, and referrals.

A convenient dashboard application allows staff to easily manage marketing and client communication in one place. Quality assurance surveys can be responded to directly from within the confirmation email. The dashboard will then track statistics about the quality of care from the survey responses.

Feature Benefits

Save time by confirming appointments electronically

Dental institutions can save time by giving patients the option of confirming their appointments via email and text messaging with the help of EasyMarkit. Patients’ responses are automatically loaded into axiUm without the need for front-end staff to spend time following up and manually entering patient confirmations.

Stay connected to your patients

With EasyMarkit, your institution can begin contacting patients in a way that’s convenient for them. Communicate to your patients how committed your institution is to advancements in technology with the text messaging, email and social media tools within EasyMarkit.

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