Part of the HealthAccess suite of products, axiUm FacultyAccess is a web-based application for use on a portable tablet device that allows instructors and faculty members to access student lists, view, approve & evaluate student procedures, and send and receive messages while they’re on the go on the clinic floor.

Informed, organized and connected – mobile instruction with axiUm FacultyAccess.

Optimized for the Apple iPad, axiUm FacultyAccess encourages instructors to tour the classroom rather than remain by their computers. With immediate notification of approval requests and student inquiries, instructors can be proactive – rather than reactive – toward student attention, bridging the gap in communication between instructors and their students in the classroom.


  • Links directly with the axiUm Operatory Monitor to display color-coded icons indicating a chair’s status
  • Enhances the viewing of treatments with multiple diagnoses
  • Allows users to change providers, when multiple providers are linked to an appointment
  • Find Providers Page enables users to search for and find any provider and view the provider details page.
  • Assign/StartCheck students to operate under their responsibility
  • Know at a glance which students and procedures require approval
  • Send and receive messages between other faculty and students
  • View students’ appointment and procedure details including Tx Notes, SOAP notes and conditions
  • Instantly approve treatments, procedures, conditions and forms
  • Grade and Evaluate on the fly

axiUm FacultyAccess will be a beneficial tool for academic institutions hoping to improve communication and workflow within the operatory clinic, ultimately resulting in a more efficient classroom and, thus, better care for patients.

Feature Benefits

Improve communication between faculty and students

Instructors can receive immediate notification of student requests and urgent inquiries through the messaging system. In turn, instructors are able to respond to students through axiUm FacultyAccess without the need to cross the clinic floor.

Improve patient care

By improving communication and workflow within the classroom clinic, axiUm FacultyAccess encourages more focused attention, resulting in improved student learning and, ultimately, better care for patients.

Evaluations and Grading

Evaluate items on the fly. Complete the instructor’s entire workflow directly from an iPad. From Startchecks, to approvals, to grading, the instructor can do it all while on the clinic floor.
Make better use of faculty time

Accessing axiUm FacultyAccess from a tablet device, instructors will be able to know at a glance which students are ready for procedural approval and have a description of the procedures at hand. Instructors can then give approval right from the tablet, eliminating the need to return to an operatory for authorization after only minor adjustments are made.

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