axiUm’s PatientAccess is an online module that allows patients to connect to axiUm through the Internet and is part of the axiUm HealthAccess suite of products. With axiUm PatientAccess, patients can update EPR (Electronic Patient Record) forms, verify personal information and demographics, view past appointments, confirm future appointments and review medical information all via the Internet from the comfort of their own home.

Bring patients and providers online with axiUm’s PatientAccess module.

With axiUm’s PatientAccess module, institutions can set up a web portal that their patients can use. Patients can visit this portal to update forms – referred to as iForms – that are created by the dental institution (such as dental and medical information forms). Additionally, patients can view their medical history, past appointments and confirm any future appointments they may have.

By logging in with a username and password, patients may complete these forms at their own pace, helping to ensure time is taken to respond to questions completely and honestly. This information is then automatically loaded to the institution’s axiUm database, easily accessible to dental providers before and during the patient’s visit.

Just like in modern airports, axiUm PatientAccess can also be implemented as a station in a waiting room. This allows patients to fill-out forms and questionnaires electronically, instantly providing institutions with updated and accurate patient information. By allowing service through a home portal and waiting room station, the amount of information an institution can collect at any given time is limitless and increases the accuracy and quantity of the patient information.


Provider Messaging

axiUm PatientAccess provides a means for patients to contact their providers with questions or comments. Messages are integrated with the axiUm Messaging module.

Confirm Medical Information

Patients can confirm their medical information including problems, current medications, medical alerts and allergy alerts as either correct or incorrect.

Enhanced Insurance Views

axiUm PatientAccess allows patients to view their insurance information including: overall insurance limits and deductibles and dependants.

Enhanced Registration

axiUm PatientAccess enables patients to self-register in PatientAccess, which in turn reduces the administrative workload for clinical staff.

Patient Forms

axiUm PatientAccess allows your patients to fill out forms online from any internet enabled device. Once completed, the information is directly stored in axiUm’s EPR forms and can be viewed by the axiUm system.

Confirm Appointments

Patients can quickly confirm their appointment with a single click. This is sent directly into the axiUm system and updates the schedule.

Appointment History

Patients can view their past and future appointments, along with the associated treatments that will be performed, their provider information and their clinic information. This gives the patient all the necessary information they need before they arrive at the dental clinic.

Customized for your school

The Content Management System allows for quickly and easily customizing the look and feel of axiUm PatientAccess to conform to your institution’s style. This allows for a seamless flow from your existing web site and web applications to axiUm PatientAccess.

Feature Benefits

Increase accuracy of patient information

As patients fill out forms from the privacy of their own homes, there is a greater likelihood they will provide more detail regarding their personal health information.

Increase handling volume

The amount of patients filling out forms, checking in, and updating information is no longer limited to the amount of staff on hand.

Improve patient care

By combining both increased accuracy and quantity of information, health care providers can have a better picture of their patients’ overall health and ultimately offer better patient care within the clinic.

Increase Reporting Options

axiUm instantly updates a patient’s file, as soon as the patient fills out the online form. This allows for all data to be searchable, easily retrievable and reportable. This enables institutions to perform detailed and personalized patient analysis and reports.

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