Organize your operations. axiUm’s Administrative modules provide maximum functionality to ensure your organization is running smoothly and efficiently.

Patient Card

The Patient Card is the general patient management module for axiUm. With customizable setups for each institution and user, patient data is stored in an easy-to-view table format, allowing users to quickly access the information they require from within the axiUm software.


axiUm’s Scheduler is designed to be flexible enough to allow both providers and front-office staff to book appointments.
With axiUm’s ‘Scheduler’, scheduling appointments is as intuitive as it is visual. With five modes from which users may schedule appointments, the module allows bookings to be made easily by multiple levels of users.


axiUm’s Dispensary module efficiently and effectively manages valuable instrument and supply kits. This module has been designed to track the daily operations of these kits within a large scale dispensary – from instruments to sundries – yet can be customized to fit the specifications of any sized dental institution.


axiUm’s Inventory module is designed to complement the core axiUm software by tracking and storing details on the institution’s supplies, instruments, materials and sundries. From monitoring stock levels and materials usage to creating and receiving electronic orders, the Inventory module is a complete inventory management tool ideal for any organization.


Specific to axiUm & Hygiene Academic, ‘Evaluations’ is an intuitive module allowing faculty members to review and assess student progress in the clinic.

Patient Sign-In

With axiUm’s Patient Sign-In module, dental organizations can save valuable staff time by enabling patients to sign themselves in upon arrival to the clinic. With this self-check-in option, staff can redirect incoming patients to the kiosk if they are in the middle of a complex transaction.


To facilitate internal communication, the ‘Messenger’ module allows for electronic messages to be sent and received within axiUm.
In a large dental organization, communication can often be a challenge. To alleviate these difficulties, an internal messaging system has been built into the axiUm software, making communication via electronic messages a simple and efficient way to connect to others within the organization.


axiUm’s ‘Attachment Manager’ allows for digital storage of all physical paper items.
Utilizing the ‘Attachment Manager’ module within axiUm, documents can easily be scanned and stored digitally for quick electronic access to patient files.


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