axiUm's 'Attachment Manager' allows for digital storage of all physical paper items. Utilizing the 'Attachment Manager' module within axiUm, documents can easily be scanned and stored digitally for quick electronic access to patient files.

Items such as patient receipts, consents, estimates, treatment plans, payment plans, etc., are automatically saved to the ‘Attachment Manager’ when generated in axiUm and sent to the printer. Mass statement creation and mail merges can be generated through the ‘Information Manager’ module with copies automatically saved to the patient’s account via the ‘Attachment Manager’.

Required consents can be marked and controlled on patient accounts, and patient consents can be given an expiry date. In addition, a patient’s insurance signature can be stored and controlled through locks within axiUm.

Feature Benefits

Store additional patient information in a single location

With axiUm’s ‘Attachment Manager’, users can have quick access to all patient documentation within one consolidated location without the need to scour multiple file folders or modules within axiUm.

Help make the transition towards paperless operations

With the ability to scan and store physical documents within axiUm, the ‘Attachment Manager’ can help institutions store key information electronically without the need to depend on physical files.

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