axiUm’s Dispensary module efficiently and effectively manages valuable instrument and supply kits. This module has been designed to track the daily operations of these kits within a large scale dispensary - from instruments to sundries - yet can be customized to fit the specifications of any sized dental institution.

Make instrument management more efficient with axiUm’s Dispensary module.

Upon booking an appointment, the Dispensary module will automatically place an order on behalf of the provider for instruments based on the treatments and any manual requests. Providers may then check out these items from the dispensary room with the help of integrated bar code technology used to scan the items in and out. To ensure items are returned, the Dispensary module may be customized to deny further access to providers who have not yet returned their instruments, and may even restrict access for providers who have overdue balances.

Managing the whereabouts of instruments is also taken care of efficiently by the Dispensary. The module automatically tracks the locations of instrument kits and sundries, records which providers have the items out, and for how long they have been checked out. History of sterilization can also be recorded, helping ensure only prepped instruments are available for use.

Feature Benefits

Improve the efficiency of appointment preparation

With automated instrument ordering, the Dispensary helps providers quickly know which tools are required for any procedure, ensure these instruments are available, and facilitate quick instrument check-out, saving time during procedure preparation.

Track the movement of clinical instruments

To alleviate the frustrations of accounting for numerous clinical materials, the Dispensary will keep track of where physical items have been signed out to, which users are using or have used the items, and when they are due to be returned, helping institutions manage instrument usage and prevent instrument shrinkage.

Encourage quick instrument return

The Dispensary’s ability to bill providers for overdue or missing kits and items is useful for institutions that have seen issues with materials not returned in a timely fashion. The ability to lock providers from receiving more instruments if previous orders have not been returned also becomes a powerful tool as it holds providers accountable for all supplies they check out.

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