Specific to axiUm & Hygiene Academic, 'Evaluations' is an intuitive module allowing faculty members to review and assess student progress in the clinic.

The Evaluations Modules offers simple entry of student assessment within axiUm Academic.

axiUm’s ‘Evaluations’ module enables institutions to record student assessments directly within the axiUm system. axiUm handles both ‘Real Time’ and ‘Periodic’ grading schemes: ‘Real Time’ grading occurs at the time treatment is completed, while ‘Periodic’ grading occurs on a set time schedule (i.e. monthly, weekly, etc.). axiUm doesn’t impose limits on the number of different evaluation forms to be used, enabling each dental school to tailor evaluations to their own unique specifications and requirements.

There are also no limits to the type of grading schemes that a dental school may wish to utilize. Anything from numbers 1.0 to 5.0 with an increment of 0.5, to letters A to F, to a percentage can be used as a grade. Whatever type of evaluation is done in your dental school, axiUm has been designed to accommodate for it.

Feature Benefits

Maintain full records of student progress and assessment within one system

By being able to record student grades and evaluations within the axiUm system, dental institutions are able to maintain a full history of student assignments, progress, reviews, and instructor ratings in a centralized location.

Customize grading schemes according to the school’s preferences

As with all axiUm modules, the ‘Student Evaluations’ module is completely customizable according to the needs of any dental institution. A wide variety of grading schemes may be used, and faculty are encouraged to utilize the grading structures that best suit their requirements.

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