axiUm’s Inventory module is designed to complement the core axiUm software by tracking and storing details on the institution’s supplies, instruments, materials and sundries. From monitoring stock levels and materials usage to creating and receiving electronic orders, the Inventory module is a complete inventory management tool ideal for any organization.

Completely manage dental institution supplies with the axiUm Inventory module.

Designed to track and monitor dental inventory from beginning to end, the Inventory module processes information relating to receipt of goods, usage, and internal/external orders. Utilizing bar code technology, the Inventory module keeps a record of the inventory levels of all supplies, including a full audit trail of where the supplies have been used, how much has been used, and when the items are booked to be used next.

The module can easily monitor supplies kept in multiple dispensaries, an institution’s warehouse, and in-transit goods on carts throughout the institution. Pre-defined custom reports can be run to indicate which supplies are running low, and both internal and external inventory orders are made simple with auto-population for materials that need to be re-ordered. In addition, when placing an order to a vendor, the system will flag items at or below the re-order point, acting as a reminder to the user to re-order these items at the same time.

Feature Benefits

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of order requests

With automation capabilities, bar code technology and access to the axiUm database, the Inventory module enables users to increase the overall speed and accuracy of filling order requests.

Be prepared for appointments

The Inventory module makes it easy to identify which supplies are nearing re-order points as specified by the institution, helping to ensure institutions maintain necessary levels to be prepared for all procedures.

Save by managing inventory movement

With the Inventory module, dental institutions can save time and money by controlling the movement of products within the organization, managing where supplies are used and how often, and identifying areas within the clinic which require attention to over or under usage.

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