To facilitate internal communication, the 'Messenger' module allows for electronic messages to be sent and received within axiUm. In a large dental organization, communication can often be a challenge. To alleviate these difficulties, an internal messaging system has been built into the axiUm software, making communication via electronic messages a simple and efficient way to connect to others within the organization.

Users have the ability to use the ‘Messenger’ to send internal messages to individuals or customized groups. Internal messages can also be automatically sent based on the institution’s specifications.

Couple with the axiUm PatientAccess online module, patients can then respond to and send messages to assigned providers. These messages are interfaced into the axiUm Messenger module.

For example, messages can be automatically sent when quality assurance rules have been broken to ensure standards are being met (i.e. a patient has not been seen since being assigned to a specific provider). In addition, the ‘Messenger’ can act as a reminder notification system, automatically sending messages when lab cases have been sent out, when lab orders are received, or when patients are assigned to a provider.

Feature Benefits

Stay on top of the operations of the institution

With the ‘Messenger’ module’s ability to automatically send alerts and reminders, users can be kept up to date on the status of matters such as lab orders, patient arrivals, patient assignments and patient care.

Communicate within axiUm

Users can use the axiUm ‘Messenger’ to connect electronically with other users within the axiUm system while maintaining the detailed history reports axiUm prides itself in.

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