With axiUm’s Patient Sign-In module, dental organizations can save valuable staff time by enabling patients to sign themselves in upon arrival to the clinic. With this self-check-in option, staff can redirect incoming patients to the kiosk if they are in the middle of a complex transaction.

Bring patient connectivity to a new level with axiUm Patient Sign-In, the self-check-in module for axiUm.

Just like in an airport, patients will appreciate the ability to quickly check in for their appointments. Signing in by name, patients are welcomed on the screen to their appointment and may also be given access to any other instructions as included by the institution (i.e. directions to the clinic or chair within the dental institution). The module will also help institutions monitor wait times as it will track information on when patients signed in and when they were finally seated.

When implementing the axiUm kiosk, dental institutions have the option of using a standard computer station, a touch-screen monitor, or even a traditional kiosk for patients to use. Each station will be given a unique ID which can give institutions insight into where patients have physically signed in – especially useful in larger, multi-storied clinics where patients may have difficulty navigating.

Feature Benefits

Increase handling volume

The amount of patients checking in, and updating information is no longer limited to the amount of staff on hand.

Save on administration costs

By allowing patients to check-in through axiUm Patient Sign-In, institutions can save money on front-end administration costs.

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