The Patient Card is the general patient management module for axiUm. With customizable setups for each institution and user, patient data is stored in an easy-to-view table format, allowing users to quickly access the information they require from within the axiUm software.

Access, store and update patient demographic and financial information from the easily accessible Patient Card.

Similar to the functions of a physical Rolodex, a user may add a new patient, search for, copy or delete an existing patient within this module. Additional capabilities of axiUm’s ‘Rolodex’ include making chart requests, dispensary requests, and checking in patients.

By selecting a patient within the ‘Rolodex’, users have access to the ‘Patient Card’, allowing users to efficiently manage patient interactions. The task of following up with patients is made simpler as all appointments, recalls and patient referral information is stored and maintained with a detailed history. Patient contact history can be recorded, along with the ability to attach user-defined financial alerts and office reminders to a patient’s file. In addition, patient pictures may also be loaded into the system and are displayed throughout the application, promoting easy patient recognition by providers, faculty and administrative staff.

Unlike many other software programs, axiUm doesn’t impose limits on the number of insurance policies to be added for each patient. Each patient may also be assigned to dental providers without limits and with an audit record of these assignments. In addition, customizable patient surveys can be created for items such as screening surveys, new patient forms and satisfaction of services questionnaires.

Feature Benefits

Promote patient recognition within the institution

With the ability to electronically attach patient photos to the ‘Patient Card’ within axiUm, both front-end and chair-side staff have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new patients quicker than before.

Quickly access patient information from any module

To check or verify patient information, users may access the selected patient’s ‘Patient Card’ at the click of a button when viewing their dental or financial history from other modules within axiUm.

Monitor patient contact

Users have access to all patient appointments, recalls and follow-up attempts, helping them monitor any contact they’ve had with their patients from one convenient location.

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