axiUm's Scheduler is designed to be flexible enough to allow both providers and front-office staff to book appointments. With axiUm's 'Scheduler', scheduling appointments is as intuitive as it is visual. With five modes from which users may schedule appointments, the module allows bookings to be made easily by multiple levels of users.

Utilizing a user-friendly and customizable color-coded system, the ‘Scheduler’ makes use of drag-and-drop capabilities to enable appointment scheduling with just a click of the mouse. Appointment colors can be attached to appointment status, discipline, and orthodontic stages of treatment, allowing for at-a-glance preparation for staff. In addition, to help streamline appointment preparation, chart and dispensary requests are automatically sent to the appropriate locations once appointments are booked.

Eliminating the need for paper reminders, appointments can be scheduled from virtual recall lists, appointment request lists, wait lists, or by immediate scheduling, helping to ensure appointments are scheduled in terms of patients’ needs. In addition, patient indicators can be customized to appear on an appointment in the schedule (i.e. patient demographics need updating, payment required, etc.)

The Scheduler can operate in 5 modes:

The Appointment Book (ACTIVE) Mode

View information for all scheduled appointments and chair bookings for all patients. This view allows the user to see both clinical and non-clinical time for the providers.

The Availability (AVAILABILITY) Mode

Especially useful for dental institutions where front-end staff book appointments on behalf of providers, users can use the Availability Mode to match appointments to available providers and clinic times.

The Provider (CHAIR) Mode

Reserve chairs and schedule appointments into each based on pre-defined criteria (i.e. time constraints, types of procedures) for each individual chair.

The Expert Mode

Finding ideal and available time slots for patient visits is easy with the Expert Mode. By defining specific booking criteria, appointments can be found to meet the special requirements of patients and providers. This is especially useful when multiple unrelated patients want to be scheduled for same day visits (e.g. neighbors who carpool to the dental clinic).

The Faculty Practice (IDEAL DAY) Mode

Created to meet the needs of today’s faculty practice, the Ideal Day mode allows for the dental institution to set-up individual Ideal Day schedules for their faculty practice providers, encouraging appointments to be scheduled according to the provider’s ideal schedule.

Operatory Monitor

The Operatory Monitor enables staff to monitor the status of appointments and track patients through their clinical experience. It intelligently alerts staff and faculty of providers in need of assistance. The system can be used at the front desk to check-in patients and monitor patient flow. Alternatively, the Operatory Monitor can be displayed in a central area of the clinic, to alert shared staff or faculty of critical needs and clinical progress.

The Operatory Monitor is tightly integrated with the axiUm FacultyAccess mobile solution. Provider notifications are received by FacultyAccess, collaborating to create a complete clinical notification system. For example, in an educational environment, students simply update their status indicating a need for approval. In a professional clinic, a hygienist can signal a need for a dentist to consult with a patient. These “silent” notifications automatically generate alerts in both the Operatory Monitor and FacultyAccess modules, allowing the provider to remain with the patient and take comfort in the knowledge that help is on the way.

Feature Benefits

Schedule appointments intuitively

With the ability to schedule appointments from a variety of unique modes, different levels of users within the dental institution are able to use the scheduling mode that makes intuitive sense to them.

View schedules at a glance

Utilizing customized color coding as pre-defined by the institution, dental providers can have a snapshot of their day with just a glance at the ‘Scheduler’, allowing them to quickly gauge their days’ requirements.

Efficiently manage recall lists

Staying on top of patient recalls is a reality with axiUm’s ‘Scheduler’. The ‘Scheduler’ will track which patients are due for treatment, as well as give users quick access to the ‘Patient Card’ from which they may view contact notes regarding when the patient was contacted and by whom.

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