Choosing the best learning management system

February 13th, 2015

When choosing a learning management system, there are many things to consider. One of these is whether the emphasis is on learning or on management. The best software in this category has features that let students learn by using quizzes and tests, and the products also feature the ability for professors to grade exams and look at what students are doing. In contrast, a poorly designed LMS is mostly a tool for distributing information and collecting grades. It isn't an effective means for educating students

When it comes to dental academic software, professors and college administration should pick something that lets students learn smarter and choose what they need to focus on.

Advice for picking an LMS
Learning Solutions Magazine offers the following advice for picking an LMS: Find out what your school needs, and then choose a solution based on that premise. When thinking of needs, students must come first because they pay the tuition that keeps the school running. It's in their best interest to have software that teaches them as well as tells them about their grades.

So, before thinking about an LMS, think about an ideal teacher-student relationship. Presumably, the teacher has a firm understanding of the students' needs. Some LMSs don't feature the ability for professors to look over the students' shoulders, as it were, by seeing what they've been looking at and how hard they've been working. Good dental school software can enable professors to push themselves into creating more personalized work for students, so they get exactly what they need out of class.

Good LMSs also features an option for flipping the classroom by providing video and sound to play recorded lectures. Through this method, students hear their lessons in the comfort of their home, where they can take notes at leisure. Then at class time, the professor can hammer home important points by giving out homework in class and having the students work it out right there. The professor can walk around and look at students working, offering advice and answering questions as needed.

This can only be done with the right LMS.

Trends in e-learning
Don't forget the functions that other schools have found useful in an LMS can be a good barometer for what one's own school might need. Among these is the cloud feature that good dental and hygiene academic software provides, according to eLearning Industry. With this tool, students can learn anywhere, whether walking across campus or commuting to their dental clinics. Students scan drill vocabulary words during moments that would otherwise be downtime. If they forget their text book, they can bring up an electronic version on their phone. With the cloud, studying is easy. It's also easy for professors because typically the cloud software can be accessed through a Web browser. Even if a professor isn't tech savvy, navigating most clouds is the same as going through a website. This also enables professors to find out how students are doing while the professor may be out of town giving a lecture. It minimizes time spent disconnected from the classroom.

Ultimately using an LMS is about teaching and not managing. Choosing the right LMS for your dental school must have this focus.

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