Dental academic software aids in maintaining overall health

January 28th, 2014

Dental academic software has great benefits for patient care. Using dental school software in university clinics can aid in research purposes, as well as in enhancing communication between oral health facilities and other health care organizations. In addition, these systems enable dentists to keep better track of patients, helping them better maintain oral health over time.

Oral care may be more vital to overall health than previously realized, according to new studies. Miami Herald reported that good oral health is vital even early in life. Dental issues can begin to affect children from an early age. Kids can begin developing cavities before they are a year old, according to Dr. Rosie Roldan, director of the Pediatric Dental Center at Miami Children's Hospital. When young people learn about the importance of oral care at an early age, there's a greater likelihood they will continue to take care of their teeth into adulthood. This could help them prevent certain diseases, not just of the mouth, but of the rest of the body as well.

A study from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom discovered the Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria in the brains of Alzheimer's patients, a bacteria usually associated with gum disease. The researchers believed the bacteria entered the brain after invasive dental treatment, as well as other routine activities, like eating and brushing teeth. Once in the brain, the bacteria triggered immune system responses that potentially killed neurons and led to cognitive decline over time, reported Medical News Today.

Other studies have linked gum disease to heart disease. Chronic periodontal disease is associated with thickening of the arterial wall, putting patients at greater risk for heart attack and stroke.

Dental software can help dentists and physicians connect
It is becoming clear that dental health should be more aligned with overall health care to reduce risk for certain diseases. By implementing dental academic software, clinics will have the ability to communicate with external organizations. In addition, dental software enables doctors to keep better track of patient data, which can be utilized in studies that advance health care.

Finally, dental software can improve oral care by making it easier for practices to maintain patients. With an automated system, dentists can keep better track of when individuals are scheduled for appointments. They can even allow patients to log into an online system and access their own information. The more engaged patients are with their own care, the better the outcome.

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