Dental academic software can help prepare for industry changes

May 9th, 2014

Dental enterprise software provides several benefits when it comes to streamlining both clinical and office related functions. As a result, dental programs stand to potentially improve enrollment numbers by using dental school software that prepares students on both aspects of the industry.

When it comes to assessing the oral health of patients, dentists use evidence and science-based methods to determine the appropriate treatment and level of care that will be needed. Coding is the way in which the health care industry keeps track of a patient's health, in addition to being necessary for medical insurance claims. However, according to DentistryiQ, coding changes are being made in the dental industry that could impact coverage.

This is why dental academic software is so valuable. Evidenced-based dentistry has long been a practitioner's tool to determine the level of treatment necessary and develop a care plan. But if changes are to be made to accommodate science-based dentistry, then dental software can help with keeping track of this information through coding. Dental programs should help students stay up to date with industry changes to improve their skills from both a technical and clinical aspect.

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