Dental academic software helps prepare students from clinical and business perspective

May 12th, 2014

Dental academic software is not only helpful in preparing students for both clinical practice and dental operations, but it is also beneficial for dental school administrators and educators to maintain programs that operates at the highest level of efficiency possible. As a result, many dental programs have strengthened their enrollment numbers with increased use of technology. In upstate New York, dental students are getting firsthand experience in a very unique situation, but one that is also beneficial to the surrounding community.

According to a report by the Niagara-Wheatfield Tribune, dental students in Buffalo have created a clinic in an underserved Buffalo neighborhood that hasn't had a primary area dentist in nearly five years. The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine has opened a dental clinic in partnership with the Erie Country Health Mall that not only offers services to patients, but also gives students hands-on experience with running an office. 

"We are proud of our collaboration in the ECHM," Michael Glick, dean of the UB dental school told the Niagara-Wheatfield Tribune. "It also gave us an opportunity to have our dental students participate in creating and executing a business plan for this dental office."

University of Florida offers executive practice management certificate program
Not only is it important for students to learn how to navigate in an office setting from a clinical perspective, they also need to learn how to run a practice as well. The University of Florida now offers a 13-month certification program that focuses on the business aspects of dentistry.

Upon completion, students will be educated in the area of marketing and sales, staff management and human resource functions, compliance, as well as financial management and planning. By incorporating dental academic software into this program, students will be well prepared to run their own practices from a clinical and business standpoint.

However, both scenarios offer an example of how dental software can monitor student progress and identify areas of the programs that could be improved.

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