Dental enterprise software useful in managing multiple hygienists

May 29th, 2014

When it comes to ensuring the operational efficiency of a dental clinic, hygienists play an extremely important role. These individuals assist with patient education and overall preventative care, such as routine cleanings. This leaves the primary dentists in the office more time to conduct more advanced oral care services.

However, the economic downturn forced many people into part-time work instead of full-time. As a result, many licensed hygienists are forced to work in more than one dental practice as a way to offset a loss of hours.

In a recent article from DentistryiQ, a survey of 870 hygienists revealed that although 63 percent of those licensed to practice work out of one office, 24 percent work in at least two. Another 5 percent work in three offices. Some respondents stated that they work in as many as four or five different offices.

This is one example of the value of using dental enterprise software. Clinics can use it to monitor the cost effectiveness of utilizing a number of hygienists on a part-time basis versus employing one or two full-time individuals who could potentially do similarly efficient work and decrease the primary dentists' workload.

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