Dental hygiene academic software helps further evidence-based dentistry

July 29th, 2014

Dental hygiene academic software is a tool that can help improve evidence-based dentistry. This is a method by which the oral health needs of the patient, the expertise of the clinician and the current advancements made in a particular area of dentistry can all be merged in order to deliver a higher level of care to patients. However, mobile devices in a clinical setting can improve EBD even further. 

According to Fairway Dental, an Australian-based company that provides dental equipment and supplies, technological innovations have played an important role in strengthening EBD outcomes. The use of mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – during procedures allows dental students to easily research and access the latest findings related to both routine and complex oral health services. This can serve as a helpful guide on the steps needed to help deliver the best available treatment options to patients and greatly improve their level of care.

Additionally, smartphones and tablets can retrieve patient history with respect to prior treatment so a student will be able to better assess the procedures that need to be done.

Ways to improve evidence based dentistry in a university clinic
Many of the dental software tools that are in a university clinic have been put in place to prepare students for real-world practice upon program completion. It's for this reason that Dr. Partha Mukherji, a practicing dentist based in Fort Worth, Texas, told New Dentist Now that EBD training is essential for practicing dental professionals.

Not only should dental students be brought up to speed on the latest advancements in EBD technology tools, but the information obtained from these sources can be used in patient education efforts as well. Dr. Mukherji stated that empowering patients to be active in their treatment processes helps them better understand why a certain determination or recommendation has been made. This is said to help bridge the gap between services that a patient may want to receive and those that are necessary to ensure that oral health needs are met.

Dental hygiene academic software is an essential tool that many university hygiene clinics have had a high level of success with in relation to improved clinic efficiency and better patient care. Mobile technology integration seems to be the next step toward revolutionizing the dental industry and the health care sector as a whole.

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