Dental hygiene academic software helps improve student management

June 12th, 2014

For people who can't afford a private dental practice for their oral health needs, the dental hygiene clinics at local colleges represent a more accessible option. For clinics treating patients who fall into the low-income category or those who may not have insurance, investing in dental hygiene academic software can ensure a level of care that is equal to, or in some ways, better that what is offered at a private practice. Additionally, it can also prepare students for state board examinations and equip them with hands-on knowledge to use later on in their careers.

According to a report from the Shreveport Times, more than 2,000 patients visit the University of Louisiana-Monroe's three dental clinics annually. To ensure that the proper care is provided, patients often undergo additional steps before services are rendered, such as routine cleanings and fillings. This is because dental hygiene students treat patients under the watch of professors who administer grades based on how well a procedure is done.

"This is not a dental office setting. It's a teaching situation, and it will take much longer," Sharon Chaney, coordinator of the ULM dental clinic, told the Shreveport Times. "Every procedure and every step must be checked by the instructor."

Dental hygiene academic software can not only help thoroughly document a patient's oral health for future services, but this kind of technology makes it easier to track student progress in a learning environment.

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