Dental hygiene academic software paired with wearable technology is valuable

July 3rd, 2014

For many dental hygiene programs interested in pairing up their existing dental hygiene academic software with mobile technology, it's an exciting time. The mobile health care sector is brimming with innovations that professionals in any sector, not just dental, would be happy to implement to streamline the efficiency of a clinic.

One of these advancements includes the growing use of wearable technology. Information Week, citing a study conducted by ABI Research, revealed that in the next two years, there will be more than 100 million wireless devices used in a health care setting. Citing a separate study conducted by IMS Research, the publication stated that the growth of wearable devices will be due in part to the opinion that the closer a device is worn on the body, the more valuable information that can be obtained.

However, the benefits of this technology aren't limited to hospitals and physician practices

How mobile technology can help keep tabs on vital statistics
Mobile Healthcare Today recently profiled the Palomar Medical Center, which is the first hospital in the U.S. to use wearable technology to keep a close eye on an individual's vitals. A device placed on a patient's wrist monitors vital signs and wirelessly transmits information to a mobile device carried by a clinician.

This can increase the reaction time and decision-making process in the event of a patient emergency. Wearable devices paired with dental hygiene academic software can be beneficial in any clinic and merely one of the exciting advancements being used in the health care sector. For dental clinics performing more serious procedures, this kind of solution can be of great benefit.

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