Dental hygiene schools can increase enrollment through effective leadership

April 25th, 2014

Dental hygiene schools that use dental academic software to increase the efficiency of their operations will be able to achieve worthwhile goals, like increasing enrollment. According to data from the American Dental Hygienists Association, dental hygiene programs as a whole are extremely competitive. The ADHA stated that 93 percent of universities offering curriculum in the course have enrollment limitations, with only 25 percent of applicants being accepted into the program.

One thing that can help raise student enrollment in dental programs is the quality of the academic staff. Even in post-secondary education, potential students can be lured to attend colleges and universities based on the reputation of the professors who teach there. According to a recent article by British news publication The Guardian, a number of academic thought leaders were polled and spoke to the value of staff in helping to create a vision for colleges and universities that can lead to growth, particularly in the way of greater student enrollment.

"I see 'leaderful' practices in classrooms, research teams and student-led activity throughout the higher education sector," Paul Gentle, a representative of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, a British organization specializing in the improvement of institutions of higher learning, told The Guardian. "Sometimes this is found despite prevailing managerial cultures in institutions; sometimes it is purposefully engendered by leaders dispersed through universities whose activity seems clearly-defined by enacting their values and their belief in the potential of higher education to engage and transform."

For colleges and universities that offer dental hygiene curriculum, leadership based on the thoughtful integration of dental academic software that helps prepare students for clinical practice upon graduation is crucial in creating a reputation that future enrollees will recognize when selecting a dental program.

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