Dental hygienists helping the community

August 20th, 2014

Students can earn a great living from practicing dental hygiene, but first they need to go to a good school with dental hygiene academic software, great equipment and a staff of educators who want to impart their knowledge to the next generation. Following that, great hygienists need a positive attitude and that includes a spirit of community service.

Fortunately, even those who can't afford to get a program going to benefit the local community by providing oral care can get help with these goals through funding. Wrigley, the chewing gum company, is looking for applications for oral hygienists who want to create or fund community service projects, according to Dentistry IQ. Each of the winning groups, which can consist of a dental hygienist, group of hygienists, or team of dental workers that includes a dental hygienist, can receive up $60,000 in help from the Wrigley Foundation.

Those seeking the award must show they are involved in the community as active helpers seeking to promote oral hygiene among those who need it but cannot afford help or are not sufficiently  educated to know the dangers of improper oral hygiene. The projects must also display oral care and the oral hygienist's role in positive lights, as well as be educational tools for people who want to learn more.

Those seeking the award can only submit one project over one year's worth of time. If the project doesn't get accepted, then it can be submitted again.

Ways that dental hygienists can help their community
When hygienists go to school, they learn about oral care, dental software and how to care for patients. Along the way, hopefully they become inspired to help others. But the way to be a benefit to the local area where they work can sometimes be hard to figure out. Another company that provides help to oral hygiene schools and existing oral health groups is Delta Dental Insurance Company, according to Miami's Community Newspapers. This company provides aid to those who seek to educate young people about brushing their teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene. This year, the group has spent over $200,000 to help various community organizations in this endeavor.

"As a leader in the dental benefits industry, we know the importance of stepping into the community to help improve access to dental care as well as help show people the importance of oral health," said John Yamamoto, DDS, vice president of Professional Services for Delta Dental Insurance Company and its affiliates.

Those oral hygiene students who choose to get involved in local community aid may find that putting it on a resume will help them get jobs later in their careers.

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