Dental organizations embrace new technology

October 16th, 2013

Dental enterprise software can help dental clinics improve patient satisfaction as the oral health care industry continues to adopt new technology.

More than ever before, dentistry professionals are incorporating new tools into their operations to not only increase the efficiency of care, but also to improve overall patient satisfaction. For example, the Center for Oral Health, a nonprofit organization based in California, recently announced a partnership with two dental universities to utilize social media to educate the public about the virtues of proper oral hygiene. The partnership will aim to create a widespread text messaging campaign called "Text 2 Floss," which will send alerts to patients reminding them to regularly floss and brush their teeth.

"The partnership between the Center for Oral Health and (the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health) brings together like minded organizations committed to improving the oral health of the most vulnerable populations both domestically and globally," Jack Dillenberg, the inaugural dean of ASDOH, one of the partnering organizations, stated in a press release. "The Text 2 Floss program promotes the education of the public in improving oral health and overall health through text messaging and the further engagement of health professionals."

Many enterprises are also incorporating new technology into the actual clinic, as well. Orthodontist Sam Daher wrote in Huffington Post Canada about the the impact advanced imaging and other dental software tools has had on patient satisfaction. According to him, these services have helped to eliminate many of the fears people have about visiting their dentists and participating in routine procedures because of their transparency and efficiency. 

Dental enterprise software as a home base for advanced services
As oral health care professionals embrace new technology both inside and outside of the clinic, dental software can function as a central system through which employees can organize and maximize the efficiency of their tools. Specifically, private practices can connect patient contact information with existing electronic health records that are easily customizable and shareable according to individual needs.

Advanced software systems also help clinics and academic institutions have greater access to relevant industry research that can clue dentists into potential diagnoses and proper treatment procedures.

The health care industry can benefit from new technology. Care providers around the nation are working hard to reduce overhead costs and improve the overall health of the population. Dental enterprise software can help clinics reach these goals much faster.

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