Dental school software a necessary tool for today’s universities

April 2nd, 2014

Academic institutions have a more integrated role in the overall health care industry, and dental school software can help administrators prepare their programs for a higher level of collaboration without third-party organizations.

Dentistry continues to be an attractive career path for individuals interested in working in an economic sector with a high level of job security and lucrative pay opportunities. As a result, many universities around the U.S. are investing heavily in updates to their existing oral health facilities. According to the online publication DrBicuspid, the University of the Pacific, which is based in Stockton, Calif., recently opened a new facility for its dental school campus in San Francisco. The multimillion-dollar building adds 500,000 extra square feet to the school's existing property. Patrick Ferrillo, the school's dean, told the website that the new location will enhance both academic and patient-focused operations.

"The additional space is primarily in our two clinical floors and the Simulation Laboratory, as well as in some support areas related to building code," Ferrillo explained. "Our dental operatories are about 10 percent larger than our existing operatories, and patients will be 'toe-in' versus 'toe-out' in layout," he said.

Making way for interdisciplinary education
The school also has plans to integrate related academic programs into the same building. In fact, the university will house its unique Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum in the new location. The University of the Pacific website indicated that the Dental Helix Curriculum focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to oral health education.

These plans are in line with larger trends in the medical industry to break down the barriers between different care providers and organizations. For example, the online publication Modern Healthcare reported that pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with academic professionals more than ever before to develop new drugs and other products. Dental professionals are also playing a more integral role in the delivery of primary care to patients around the country.

Universities that invest in high-quality dental school software will have a much easier time adapting their existing academic curricula to these ongoing trends. By integrating electronic health records technology into daily operations, professors and administrators will be able to share research, reports and other information both internally and with outside organizations. At the same time, these schools will also improve the vitality of their programs and ensure students graduate with the right kind of experience to succeed at a private practice or other type of clinic. 

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