Dental school software helps clinics accommodate patient demands

April 4th, 2014

Today's dental patients expect more out of their oral health clinics than ever before. Whether it's through online appointment-scheduling technology or stronger communication channels with dentists, these growing demands are quickly changing the ways in which universities, clinics and private practices are providing routine care. Academic institutions may often be reluctant to introduce sweeping transformations of their existing operations. However, investing in dental academic software makes this process simply too easy to ignore.

Lisa Spradley, a fellow of the American Association of Dental Office Managers, wrote in DentistryIQ about the benefits of constantly keeping clinical organizations updated to accommodate new industry trends. She argued that ignoring the need to stay on top of new technology and procedures will make it difficult to adapt to higher patient standards and more stringent demands.

According to Physicians Practice, many clinics are responding to these trends by hiring more information technology professionals. However, universities that may not have the budget to create these full-time positions can instead use dental school software to improve administrative processes. These tools come automatically equipped with a variety of communication and management features that prepare academic clinics to succeed in today's health care market.

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