Dental school software helps streamline IT processes

February 11th, 2014

Advancements in dentistry are made available through new and innovative technologies like dental academic software. However, a recent study from international IT solutions firm Logicalis found that many existing IT programs are the lacking in a number of areas.

For instance, researchers discovered that 56 percent of IT professionals feel companies and organizations are spending too much time engaging in what Logicalis' described as "fighting fires," meaning they are combating problems rather than solving them. More than half of the IT community, the report confirmed , say that programs are being mismanaged with administrators focusing too much on IT expenses and developing technical solutions when the department should be conducting more analysis and building business-focused solutions.

By using dental software, dentistry schools can streamline overall workflow and IT management. The individual aspects of the software align to create one fluid program that can assist students and dentists alike. Clinical documentation can be handled at any computer station, billing information can be input during a patient's visit and users can even access the system remotely via smartphones and tablets.

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