Dental school software improves patient care

January 27th, 2014

Dental academic software can help clinics make the most of technological innovations. For clinics attached to academic institutions, dental school software may be the best option. A good software program can help dental schools better manage heavy patient loads while improving care. Streamlining operations with a digital system can help dentists and hygienists save time on clerical tasks, allowing more time for patient care.

As more practices utilize digital technology, they can plug into a greater network of physicians and provide greater continuity between all aspects of patient care. Electronic record-keeping systems also allow greater and more effective communication between institutions. Not surprisingly, dentists are increasingly claiming responsibility not just for oral health, but for overall well-being of patients.

According to Joan Gilpin for Dentistry IQ, dental hygienists can help female patients with breast cancer awareness and detection. In routine visits, it is easy to remind visitors about breast cancer screenings. As health care professionals, oral care providers should be involved in other aspects of a patients' health care. In addition, dentists can begin screening for certain diseases unrelated to oral health in the dentist's office. A new test discovered at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar found a way to test for diabetes using saliva instead of a blood.

For academic dental practices to become a resource for continuity of care, the right software is vital. According to SuccessEHS, an electronic medical record provider, practices need to make sure they are using a service with interoperability capabilities. In the 21st century oral health clinic, the ability to quickly connect and communicate with external practices is quickly becoming a necessity.

Another way to improve care is to allow greater patient access. Providing an online portal that individuals can use to log in, schedule appointments and review their own information is a great way to reduce clerical errors and demand on staff.

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