Dental school software leads to a much-need technology update for universities

May 7th, 2014

Investing in dental hygiene school software is one of the most effective ways for academic institutions to help their students succeed and prepare for careers in oral health. Universities that offer programs in this field have unique administrative challenges. Not only are these schools responsible for developing rewarding educational programs, but they must simultaneously manage active dental clinics that serve members of the local community.

In the past, many universities have relied on separate software programs to organize the details of these distinct operations. However, as technology advances, administrators must realize that software for dental hygiene schools can lead to a significant breakthrough for their institutions. Back office tools that house both academic and clinical information in one user-friendly system are more aligned to the needs of today's dental professionals. Educators need management programs that offer flexibility in terms of organizing data, charting student performance and completing all of the clinical tasks of scheduling appointments with patients.

Susan Hopkins, a registered dental hygienists, wrote in DentistryiQ about the need for collaboration and teamwork among students in an academic environment. With the right dental school software, program managers can establish greater transparency between administrators, professors and pupils to make it easier for the institution as a whole to achieve its goals.

Dental hygiene school software also offers an opportunity for educators to update their operations with more advanced technology. An article published in the Journal of Dental Education argued that most students already have a knack for leveraging digital tools to their advantage. It's now up to administrators and professors to keep up with these trends and develop similar skill sets. When students and educators are on the same page when it comes to dental technology, universities will be in a better position to succeed. 

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