Dental schools benefit from having good software

October 31st, 2014

Many students are choosing which colleges to attend for their post-high school education. For those entering the dental or oral hygiene profession, it helps to find a school offering dental software. Such tools are often one of the major points that identify top college. The Denver Post even goes so far as to suggest that students should pick their college based on how much it has in the way of advanced technology. Students are also communicating with each other about which schools are the best – using their own online tools to compare data and see about what colleges would be most fitting for them.

"For many families and students, the admissions process is very opaque," said Matthew Pittinsky, co-founder of Blackboard and CEO of Parchment to The Denver Post.  "And what's happening now is that [students] are beginning to share data with each other … to bring transparency to the process."

For schools that want to stand out under the scrutiny of this new band of students, it may be a good idea to invest in oral hygiene academic software. These tools allow students to practice using the same technology they will work with when they become employed by a clinic. It also presents new and exciting information about the dental profession in a way that will engage students more than reading it in a book or journal.

Hands on training good for dentists in training
According to CDI College, a dental school in Alberta, Canada, having technology that simulates on-the-job work is a major benefit to students who would otherwise not learn how to operate dental software until much later in their careers.

"Hands-on and practical training is better because it prepares you for situations that arise in which no traditional textbook methods can," said Nikki N., an Intra Oral Dental Assistant graduate. "CDI gave me the opportunity and confidence to pursue a career that I really enjoy."

CDI also offers internship programs, but these only come after students successfully complete a certain number of classes in order to prove their abilities.

CDI is one of many colleges that prides itself on advanced dental technology. Because of the tools at the students' disposal, CDI offers a dental assisting diploma program that is only 45 weeks long, enabling a fast graduation into the exciting world of oral care.

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