Dental software can help clinics treat gum disease

May 20th, 2014

Dental academic software is useful in helping administrators track the educational progress of students and make sure their clinics are running smoothly and efficiently. These tools are helpful in promoting disease education and preventative care. A recent article from LiveScience reported there is a link between having a healthy heart and healthy gums.

According to the website, the two most common forms of gum disease in the U.S. are periodontitis and gingivitis. However, researchers have uncovered a connection that leaves people with these conditions more susceptible to heart disease due to the related bacteria entering the bloodstream during brushing and procedures performed in a dentist's office.

"Our hope is that the American Heart Association will acknowledge causal links between oral disease and increased heart disease. That will change how physicians diagnose and treat heart disease patients," Irina Velsko, a graduate student at the University of Florida's College of Medicine, told LiveScience.

Dental academic software can help track the gum health of patients who utilize a dental school's clinical services. It can also be used to refer patients to other health care professionals if additional medical attention is needed to address other issues.

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