Dental software increases chances for grant funding

June 6th, 2014

Dental hygiene programs looking to increase funding to conduct research on oral health issues, often look to grant opportunities to achieve this goal. This is money that can be used to purchase advanced equipment or expand clinical operations to treat more patients and conduct more studies.

One of the ways universities and clinics can tap into grant resources is through dental hygiene academic software. This tool can not only streamline operations and make a school's dental clinic function smoothly and efficiently, but it also makes it easier to apply for grants and other financial resources through proof of research. A clinic with the ability to show that it has accurately recorded both oral health findings and procedures conducted to address patient issues, they significantly increase the chances of receiving grant funding when applying.

Not only is this beneficial to the university clinic program, but also to the patients in the community that rely on dental care provided by the institution.

According to a report from Wisconsin-based newspaper the Daily Union, the Wisconsin Oral Health Program recently awarded a $90,000 grant to the Community Dental Clinic in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

The article revealed the six-chair clinic served 4,077 people in 2013, and 1,100 of those didn't have dental insurance. The grant money will be used to replace outdated equipment with new ones for hygienists to use, as well as improve the capacity for patient outreach and oral health education.

"It's a wonderful grant that the state has put together to help non-federally funded clinics that are privately funded," Barb Morrison Gudgeon, the clinic's director, told the Daily Union. "It's a great honor to receive that."

This is just one example of the benefits of hygiene academic software and how it can help improve the operation of any dental clinic, no matter the size.

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