Dental software prepares universities for a focus on big data

December 5th, 2013

The concept of big data has become a central focus of the health care industry, and dental school software can help universities make the most of this new trend. In the past, an interest for processing large amounts of valuable information was mostly a marketing tool in the private business world. However, oral health experts have discovered high-quality analytics and data can be particularly useful for clinic operations in both the professional and academic spheres. Big data is complicated, and it often takes a high level of skill and training to understand. Dental academic software tools can essentially provide school programs with all the benefits of this technology in an easily accessible and user-friendly interface.

How close are these new trends to benefiting the health sector? 
According to a survey released by the Society of Actuaries, a majority of executives in the health care industry have high expectations for the benefits of more robust analytics. While 87 percent of the 250 respondents recognized the importance of big data on the future of providing medical care, 49 percent said these new concepts have few immediate benefits – mostly because of a lack of understanding and capacity.

"Big data is going to change everything," Carol McCall, a health fellow for the SOA, stated in a press release. "The promise of big data not only lies in our ability to leverage data on such a vast scale to improve what we're already doing, but in using it to identify and pursue opportunities that simply weren't possible before. Our survey confirms that healthcare executives believe in the power of big data, but don't yet have the means to realize its potential."

Industry experts have generated a large amount of hype around these new trends. However, the impacts of big data simply lead to more efficient operations. That's why academic institutions can benefit from investing in dental school software now, as opposed to waiting to develop their own systems for processing more dynamic information about student performance. The online publication Information Week said there is a persisting skills gap as a result of a nationwide shortage of trained data scientists. Advanced software tools are a reliable alternative for universities to easily boost operational capacity.

Greater efficiency leads to a sharper focus
The more options administrators have for gathering information – whether about students, industry research or academic performance, the easier it is improve the quality of the overall educational experience. A recent article from Healthcare IT News said the consolidation of data can enhance the focus of a large institution. For example, with the help of electronic records, schools can eliminate a wide variety of administrative costs. Not only does it have the potential to save money, but it may even allow faculty to devote more time throughout the day to directly helping students. After all, the most important element of any academic program is its enrollees. Dental software helps universities realize many of the benefits of big data. More importantly, it also leads to a more effective education for students. 

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