Dental software revolutionizing prosthetic creation

May 14th, 2014

One of the advantages of dental academic software is that it helps programs increase enrollment and better manage student progress. But there are other benefits as well, including helping students understand the many changes taking place within the industry, leading to a more prepared and well-rounded workforce.

According to DentistryiQ, one of the changes that students and dental programs should be on the lookout for is digital dentistry. The website reported that more than 8,000 dentists at a recent conference in Singapore broached the subject of this new way to conduct scans, printing and milling.

While this technological advancement should be celebrated within the industry, older, more traditional dental professionals are concerned that this new way of creating prosthetics could essentially make what has been a skilled trade for many years less valuable.

Although the concern itself is legitimate, newer technology is beneficial for patients who need crowns or veneers. This is just one example of how useful dental software can be for both business and clinical applications in integrating new technology into existing operations and many practitioners should welcome it as an option and be active in adopting it into their practices. 

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