Dental software tools increase flexibility of outreach programs

October 30th, 2013

Dental enterprise software makes it easy for clinics and health organizations to develop creative outreach campaigns aimed at informing patients about the importance of proper oral hygiene. The recent focus on preventative care in the U.S. health industry has lead many health care providers to adjust their strategies. No longer is it effective for clinics to limit the dental care process to in-person appointments. Instead, dentists and oral hygienists must maintain an active presence in the community to promote the virtues of clean teeth.

National Brush Day
Three leading organizations in the dental hygiene field have recently partnered to promote a new annual event touting the importance of brushing teeth at least twice a day. Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, will be the inaugural National Brush Day, which is the result of a collaboration between The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and the Ad Council.

Dental care providers, parents and young patients can participate in the national celebration by signing an online pledge to brush teeth two times a day on a regular basis. The organizations responsible for National Brush Day have also created communities on Facebook and Twitter that people can access to gain valuable information related to proper oral hygiene.

"The day after Halloween, a sugar-filled holiday, is a perfect time to remind parents and kids of the importance of adopting good habits for healthy teeth," Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council, stated in a press release. "The Kids' Healthy Mouths campaign aims to make teeth-brushing time fun with myriad interactive tools and resources."

Temporary outreach clinics
Dental enterprises around the nation are also coming up with their own creative ways to promote the importance of oral health care. In fact, clinics can aim their temporary outreach initiatives at adults just as well as they can target younger children. For example, St. George News, an online publication based in St. George, Utah, recently reported the Dixie State University's dental hygiene program will start November by operating a specialty clinic that provides area residents with free X-ray scans, cleanings and educational materials related to oral hygiene. The university has partnered with The Learning Center to carry out the initiative, which takes place biannually.

"We have partnered with TLC for many years, and they have provided our students with a wide variety of patients," Patricia Wintch, dental hygiene program coordinator at Dixie State University, told St. George News. "The clinic includes the entire family, everything from screening babies for bottle mouth decay, to periodontal treatment for the parents."

Investments in dental software programs provide a variety of benefits for clinics that operate temporary outreach programs. Advanced technology enhances both the flexibility and mobility of operations, meaning dentists can access electronic health records in multiple locations. In the past most care providers were only able consult relevant patient data at individual clinics. Today's software now makes it possible for dentists to better target their patients and develop short and long-term programs that promote quality preventative care.

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