Dental software works well for private practices, academic programs

October 4th, 2013

Managers at private practices have long used dental software to increase operational efficiency and improve the overall patient experience. However, as technology advances, many academic institutions are now starting to incorporate these dynamic tools into their programs, as well. The results lead not only to improvements in the educational experience, but also to a streamlined grading and student management process.

Efficiency has been on the minds of many people in the dental industry for some time. According to Dental Tribune, clinic managers and and private practice administrators convened in Orlando recently for the 9th annual American Association of Dental Office Managers conference. Over the course of two days, participants collaborated and brainstormed new ideas around the central theme of improving the management of dental offices in the U.S.

An article published recently in RDH Magazine, a dental hygiene publication, said the ability to go above and beyond patient expectations in delivering care is one of the most important challenges industry professionals face as the health care industry in the U.S. undergoes significant changes. For example, dentists and oral hygienists who are consistently punctual in attending to individual patient appointments have a better chance at retaining customers and limiting the costs associated with participation in preferred provider organization insurance programs.

Preparing tomorrow's dental professionals to improve operational efficiency
Achieving the industry-wide goal of improving the dental care process requires a focus on preparing students and future professionals with the knowledge and experience of new clinical technology. Tools that have worked well for private practices for many years already can now be easily incorporated into educational programs.

For example, axiUm software for dental hygiene schools includes a variety of features that foster a program-wide culture of efficiency and accuracy. Educators can experience a more streamlined student management process, in which they are able to easily grade exams, track progress through program curricula and incorporate existing industry research into the classroom. Additionally, students can gain valuable real world experience by using the private practice version of this software in their program's active dental clinic. These advanced software systems can be seamlessly integrated with student management and other patient-focused operations.

Dental academic software is a valuable tool that can have a profound impact on the future quality of care in the U.S. Students who enter the workforce with a familiarity for advanced technology can take the lead in improving satisfaction among patients.

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