Dentists can prevent diseases by encouraging better oral health

February 3rd, 2014

Good oral health can prevent certain diseases. A recent study published in Cancer Prevention Research found a link between poor oral health and human papillomavirus, reported Dental Tribune. HPV causes between 40 to 80 percent of oropharyngeal cancers.

The researchers found that maintaining good oral health can prevent cancers related to HPV infection. On the other hand, study participants who reported poor oral health had a 56 percent higher rate of oral HPV infection. Individuals with gum disease had a 51 percent higher prevalence of infection, and patients with other dental problems had a 28 percent higher incidence of infection.

By utilizing dental academic software, clinics can encourage more studies like this one. Since dental software stores patient information digitally, it becomes an excellent resource for clinical study. In addition, by using dental enterprise software, dentists are often able to increase the quality of care for patients.

When looking for a software system, dentists should make sure the system has a variety of features, such as:

  • An interface that displays all the patient's important clinical information
  • A system that enables data to be input in a structured way. This will optimize categorization and search functions.
  • The ability to select and send only certain parts of the record
  • A screen that integrates diagnostic imaging with the rest of the chart so dentists don't have to switch back and forth
  • A portion that contains a patient plan that the patient can easily access 

With an efficient dental software system in place, it becomes much easier to provide the the highest quality of care for patients. Making patient files searchable in one place allows dentists to stay on top of treatment so that no detail goes unnoticed. Being able to use these records as a resource for study is an added benefit.

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